I'm a 24 year old Christian born and raised in Brisbane, Australia. From a young age, tinkering with computers quickly became second nature to me. Exploring self-hosted and custom built solutions has been a passion of mine for a while now.

After graduating high school, I spent about 9 months studying a dual degree of Psychology and Criminology. I quickly realised that wasn't the pathway for me. Shortly thereafter a close mate and I ended up in the United States for ~3 months working on a Summer Camp.

Another mate of mine hooked me up with a job providing support for a web hosting company shortly after I got back. That's where I developed my passion for web development and self-hosting.


My favourite stack right now is , with , for authentication and with . I also have experience working with platforms such as , , , , , , and .

I have also dabbled with , , , and for dev ops related work. If you are interested in what gear and software I use on the day-to-day, check out /uses.


Now I'm contributing to an intergenerational education platform and online bookshop to pass on the wisdom of those that paved the road before us. I'm very proud to be working alongside some of the most ambitious and talented people I've ever met.

Soli Deo Gloria


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On the road
On the road