This is a timeline of my current and previous roles. It's not a complete list of everything I've done, but it's a good overview of my career thus far.

  1. Rising Sun Pictures Current


  2. Pixel Zoo

    Provided clear and concise support for ~200 employee's both internal and remote. Deployed various networking and hardware upgrades across the studio. Improved the efficiency of various software and tools. Built and deployed a ~500TB CephFS Cluster to upgrade studio's existing storage solution.

  3. Dev Demand Co

    Learned to troubleshoot server related issues. Worked in the administration of a small business to develop documentation and processes. Began looking into the inner workings of Kubernetes and participated in the development of client related projects.

  4. Conetix

    Provided professional phone and email support across a wide range of various web related technologies including WordPress, Office 365, Plesk, Windows Server and Linux. Adept at the production of writing understandable technical processes and procedures. Proficient at providing clear and concise support to customers over the phone quickly and efficiently. Participated in the maintenance of various Windows and Linux based servers.

  5. Camp Highroad

    Participated in leading campers through various team building and extra-curricular activities. Invested and developed meaningful relationships with campers, parents and other counsellors. Travelled from East Coast to West Coast USA and made great friends along the way.

  6. Hungry Jack's

    Picked up strong time management skills and the ability to work in a stressful environment. Participated in the training of Crew Members in appropriate processes and procedures.